Celestia Citizen

# 1.5

It's Midi here! Everyone's favorite reporter they didn't know we had!

In a dimly lit, smoke-filled room under the FC house, it was decided that I would report the goings on in the FC. I was "appointed" the position without any references or credentials, but I have a penchant of slipping in unnoticed and am here to covertly cover the chronicles of our quaint company.

Here are some things that were dropped on my desk this week that I cobbled together.

Social Event -
Housing Decoration Contest

Spooky Celestia members will be competing for true end game fame. On Saturday, October 10th at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT, we will be going to members houses, apartments, and FC rooms to judge their creativity and any theme is allowed! Read through for more details.

Past Social Event -

The dastardly desperados devising dirty deeds have been defeated by our Celestia members! Please check in below to see the results!

Screenshot of the Month

Have a beautious shot of a landscape you liked? Or did you and your friends get together to make a fun and memorable photo? Submit it to Midi Ajihri and it may show up here in our newsletter to be captioned by your peers!


A moogle member of staff has been spotted sneaking in the homes of our FC members. Her notes and spy photos have been left behind for us to publish to the public. "What does TV stand for in 'MogTV'?" "Where did this moogle even come from?" Who knows? Follow along behind her as she sneaks into the true endgame.

Nitro boost winners

Once every 3 months, a winner is drawn among the Nitro boosters in the FC's Discord for a prize voted on by those in the FC discord. Find this period's winner and prize after the jump!

Celestia's Skybuilders Season 2

Patch 5.3's season of competitive Ishgard Restoration has finished! Follow our story below to see where Celestia members ended up in the final rankings.

Housing Decoration Contest

On Saturday, October 10th at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT, open house and open season are declared on participants' homes. Celestia will be going on tour around the realm to see who the best decorators in the FC are.

Participants can enter a house, an apartment, or their FC room. Any theme is allowed, but you may only enter once.

Don't have a home? Don't worry! All are welcome to join along and vote for the winner via a poll in the Discord.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be allowed to select a prize from the list below:
Ishgard Goat Mount, Southern Seas Glamour, 1,000,000 gil

In addition, the 1st place winner will be allowed to help redecorate the FC house during the next redesign.

See you there!


Criminal elements have been brought to justice!

Amateur detectives from around the realm reported to the Celestia FC house for assignment on Saturday, September 19th. Desperately they searched, up and down and all around. In the end, all of the criminals were caught! Unfortunately our reporter was rebuffed and was unable to get a comment from these villains for the paper.

Our most successful sleuths were:
1st place = Baralai Estheim - Took the Ishgard goat prize
2nd place = Tacocat Sunbeam - Took the hi-five emote prize
3rd place = Evieloo Sunbeam - Took the Southern Seas glamour prize

Screenshot of the month

A future section of our newsletter, any screenshot or glam you're proud of can be submitted and judged. One lucky individual will have their pride and joy displayed here and the previous month's winner will be below with the caption contest winner's submission under it.

For the rest of September through October, please send creepy or scary screenshots!

MogTV's Cribs, #1

Hello, kupo! It's the FC moogle Pukli Puck who may or may not be a figment of the reporter's imagination, here to show off a mognificent home I found! Tonight's target is plot 27, in the 11th ward of Shirogane. I will be your host in this segment as I wander and critique the unsuspecting member's dwelling. And without further ado, let us break-in, I mean begin, kupo!

We are initially greeted by what looks to be a doorman, kupo. He's a little creepy and seems to be staring straight ahead... Is he even real? Let's just ignore him for now and take a look inside.

The main entrance, kupo! There is so much detail! The lighting is very dramatic. Some may think this cluttered, but that just tells me the designer has secrets around...

Our efforts were rewarded with this cute little nook, kupo! You never know what you'll find when looking through someone's house. Or even moving through their walls... Anyhow, let's make our way downstairs.

I'm impressed, kupo! There's a mog-sized art museum down here. I don't know who these models are, but I can't help but feel a little sad looking at some of these paintings, kupo.

And what's behind the last door? A sublime office space! The dragon wings coming from the back of the chair are a nice touch, kupo. Oh?! Is that a fox? I think it's waking up! We've been had, kupo!

Well I best make my escape before I become fox food. Until next time, this is Pukli Puck, signing off. Tata kupo!~

September nitro boost winners

This period has 2 prizes and 2 winners!

Prize 1: White Devil & Red Baron Mounts
Winner: Dageth Crimsontalon

Prize 2: 60 Day FFXIV Time Card Code
Winner: Kaladin Stormblessed

All Discord server Nitro boosters are automatically entered into the contest and vote for the prizes. Winners are drawn once every 3 months.

Benefits of Nitro boost include but are not limited to: expanded list of emojis from all your servers, animated emoji, fancy purple icon. Once our server gets to 30 boosts, we'll unlock 384 kbps voice chat, 100MB upload limit, and a vanity URL for the Discord channel.

Boost your Discord server today!

Celestia's 5.3 Skybuilder Rankings

Here are the final results for where your fellow Celestials ended up:

47 - Koko Krunch
86 - Itrenore Inbras

20 - Small Fire
41 - Aminore Vespertine
92 - Itrenore Inbras
99 - Kih'ra Nomu

20 - Clifftax Welblood
24 - Blessed Darkangel
32 - Raziel Davilles
59 - Itrenore Inbras

23 - Aumaan Prime
38 - Ashley Osteichthyes
56 - Calicoe Cat
74 - Itrenore Inbras

31 - Urbosa Vah'naboris
52 - Kitty Cat
68 - Itrenore Inbras

9 - Fox Elysium
28 - Kitiara Kittana
29 - Harliqyn Mave
83 - Saar Kazam
91 - Scura Darkangel

11 - Quahlity Azzurance
63 - Aminore Vespertine
74 - Itrenore Inbras
78 - Candyce Cottontail
93 - Midi Ajihri

8 - Sticky Buns
35 - Joran Dax
50 - Kitiara Kittana
57 - Harliqyn Mave
73 - Itrenore Inbras
87 - Kih'ra Nomu

93 - Anton Stark

25 - Faey Baali
31 - Bunny King
83 - Anton Stark
95 - Aldaric Dluffy

61 - Tyo Atreus